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Using Swyvel Effectively Adds a Team Member

Does your team live and die by your daily scrum meeting? Obsessed with lean methodology? Which ever approach your team uses, Swyvel is the tool that will help you stay on track to launch the next iteration of your product. If you’re like most startups, your de facto project manager is also a “chief doer”. Swyvel lets you spend less time managing the team and more time getting things done.

Launch On Time

Monitor the progress of all the moving parts. Seeing progress is great motivation to drive to the finish line. Every team member has a personalized and prioritized task list to tackle every day ensuring that critical tasks get knocked off first.

Tickets and Issue Tracking

Easily assign and track tickets to expedite the QA process. Swyvel allows you to easily report, prioritize and track bugs. Keep the whole team in the loop in one central tool combining product development and related tasks like marketing, PR and customer service.

Invoices and Billing

Manage your small business with one simple tool. Track sent and received invoices from freelancers and other vendors straight from your dashboard. Your administrator can grant access to the invoices module (and every module, for that matter) on a per user basis.

Secure Sharing

Share documents, notes, comments and more for efficient collaboration. With all of your related product documentation, notes and comments securely stored in one place, Swyvel helps to reduce the back and forth between team members who are racing to meet deadlines.

Connect with Swyvel:

From building new website features, to marketing execution and finance, we use Swyvel to manage our entire business. Swyvel helps the whole team to collaborate and drive the business forward in an innovative way.
Andrea Lown, Founder | Smart Bride Boutique
Swyvel helps our team manage client requirements, external vendors, and prioritized tasks to complete work on time and on budget. I particularly like that I can stay abreast of our progress across multiple clients and projects without having to bother the team for status updates and reports.
Steve Buors, CEO and Co-Founder | Re-Shift Media

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