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Increase the Productivity of Your Teams

We can tell you from experience that overflowing inboxes, excel spreadsheets and out of date Gantt charts are not an effective way to manage teams and projects. Documentation and requirements get lost, forgotten, or worse, willfully ignored in the race to get things done.

Swyvel was designed by a group of experienced digital project managers at Hardboot Inc. Hardboot provides outsourced development and technology solutions to Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Honda and First National among many others. Over the course of 400+ projects, the team tested and optimized what is now Swyvel, a suite of project management and collaboration tools that allowed their team to work seamlessly with clients. Today, complicated multi-teamed projects are executed with the ease of small routine efforts.

Clients took note, and are now using Swyvel internally to manage their own projects and teams. Swyvel’s easy to use tools help large organizations to be more nimble, encourage collaboration, promote innovation and generally get more done with less. Employees feel more productive, executives have at-a-glance progress reports and everyone is held accountable.

Decentralized Communications

Share documents, notes, comments and more for efficient collaboration. Securely store project documentation in one central location to reduce unnecessary back and forth between team members, and down time caused by staff turnover.

C Level Reporting

Share real time progress of projects. Grant executive access to select modules to eliminate the need for frequent or ad hoc progress reports. Multi-tasking team members can track the progress of multiple projects and never miss a deadline.

Tasks & Tickets

Prioritize and assign tasks, tickets and issues. Using milestones, tasks, tickets and issue tracking to capture to dos, teams will always have a handle on the critical activities and resources needed to complete a project. Related notes and files are quickly accessible from each task.

Stay on Schedule

Monitor progress at a glance. Seeing progress is great motivator for busy teams. Every team member has a personalized and prioritized task list to tackle every day ensuring critical tasks are completed first. Never have a team member sit idle wondering what to do next.

Connect with Swyvel:

I manage many projects on a weekly and monthly basis and keeping my teams and clients all speaking, collaborating and moving forward has always been a challenge. Swyvel has allowed me to complete projects on-time and on-budget and operate in a more efficient manner.
Doug Sutherland, Delivery Partner | B.O.S.S Group
The Swyvel team has been great to work with. They obviously developed a project management system from the company perspective. My partners particularly like the reporting I am able to generate with just one click.
Trevor Allan, Producer | Silent Joe

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