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Increase the Profitability of Every Account with Swyvel

We can tell you from experience – your e-mail inbox is not an effective way to manage tasks. Things get lost, forgotten, or worse, willfully ignored in the shuffle.

Keep the entire team on track and use their time efficiently by sharing consistent templates, task lists and recurring tasks in one central tool. No more multiple logins for various client-specific instances of basecamp. Give your account managers one simple tool to collaborate with their team across all accounts and you’ll immediately reduce the total man hours it takes to manage an account profitably. Easily issue and track both vendor and client invoices. Plus, allow read-only access to certain modules, notes and Swyvel features to reduce the amount of time spent reporting back to the client.

One Tool. One Login.

Manage multiple clients all from one central login. Swyvel allows you to manage all of your clients and projects from start to finish all with one login. Easily transition team members on and off accounts and cover vacation schedules efficiently.

Tasks & Tickets

Prioritize and assign tasks, tickets and issues to account teams. Using milestones, tasks, tickets and issue tracking to capture to dos, account teams will always have a handle on the critical activities and resources needed manage each client. Related notes and shared files are quickly accessible from each task.

Secure Sharing

Share documents, notes and comments with your clients securely. With all of your related files, notes and approvals securely stored in one place, Swyvel helps to reduce the back and forth with clients and team members making account management more profitable.

Share Progress with Clients

Monitor the progress of all of your projects at a glance. Grant client or executive access to select modules to eliminate the need for frequent and ad hoc progress reports. Staff with multiple clients can track the progress of multiple projects they work and never miss a deadline.

Connect with Swyvel:

As a company that works in the fast pace of technology development and who continually have multiple projects on the go, we count on Swyvel to help associated projects stay on track. We have used other tools on the market, but we have found Swyvel to be an excellent choice for our needs.
Emery Bishop, Partner | Knight Bishop Queen
Swyvel helps our team manage client requirements, external vendors, and prioritized tasks to complete work on time and on budget. I particularly like that I can stay abreast of our progress across multiple clients and projects without having to bother the team for status updates and reports.
Steve Buors, CEO and Co-Founder | Re-Shift Media

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