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Plans & Pricing


    • 2GB Storage
    • 3 Users
    • 3 Active Projects


$49 per month
    • 5 GB Storage
    • 10 Users
    • 15 Active Projects


$99 per month
    • 10 GB Storage
    • 30 Users
    • 30 Active Projects


$299 per month
    • 20 GB Storage
    • 50 Users
    • 50 Active Projects


$549 per month
    • 25 GB Storage
    • 75 Users
    • 100 Active Projects

If you require more than 75 users, or 100 active projects, please call for a custom quote.

Plan FAQs

If you have any questions about our plans, you can contact us by phone: 1.855.479.9835 or email:

The number of projects you need will be determined by how you like to manage your projects using Swyvel’s version of projects, milestones and tasks. For example, a large or complicated project could be split up into many related milestones and tasks to keep everyone organized. Work should be classified as a new project if tasks appear to be completely unrelated, few team members overlap between activities, or you’re working with different clients or vendors and require increased confidentiality or security.

Here are some examples of how our customers are using Swyvel:

Freelancers, Solo Entrepreneurs, and Consultants: If you’re a single person juggling many projects, then consider starting with the basic plan. It’s ideal for independent organizers and consultants to keep track of every aspect of multiple projects. All plans allow for separation of documents between clients and contractors. It also provides room to grow up to 20 projects and is perfectly suited best for fewer than 10 users, such as suppliers, buyers, consultants, boards, associations, and teachers.

Small Businesses, Teams and Start-ups: If you’re part of a team where everyone has their own job responsibilities and activities, Swyvel is perfect for managing tasks and milestones, sharing files, and keeping communication all in one place. Tasks are assigned and everyone stays in the loop in real time. Scalable up to 40 projects, our most popular plan is designed for around 30 users including external vendors, advisory boards, special teams, and all the worker bees pushing the projects forward.

Agencies & Large Organizations: If you run an agency managing multiple clients and client teams, or heading up the project and product management teams of a business, you’ll need additional users and projects. Swyvel can be used to optimize recurring programs and processes to make your teams more efficient. Having everyone on board for ideation, planning, execution, issue tracking and reporting helps teams to collaborate with less down time. Swyvel is designed to be the perfect conduit for all interdepartmental teams to stay connected. Executives can monitor progress and measure success. Our largest plan can accommodate up to 100 projects and around 100 users such as outsourced agencies and contractors, internal teams and external vendors.

Of course. First time account users are welcome to use SWYVEL for 14 days, absolutely FREE! Simply choose your plan, name your account and provide an e-mail address. It only takes a couple of minutes and then you can start planning your next project. A credit card is required but you are not billed for 30 days, so have a chance to test it out.

Once you have created your SWYVEL account, you can use your administrator account to view your profile. You can access, change or upgrade your plan, view your billing history, and more.

Yes. If you have Internet access then you have SWYVEL.

Nope. Just one price per month per plan. Our goal is to help you organize everyone involved. We’d never dream of deterring you from signing up everyone involved in the project.

SWYVEL works with PayPal, VISA and MasterCard.

All payment information is securely recorded and stored by PayPal, not by SWYVEL. To read about PayPal’s protection measures, please click here

Swyvel is hosted in the cloud and conforms to all industry best practices to ensure 24 hour security and daily backup measures are in place.

Obviously, we’d hate to see you go. But if Swyvel isn’t working out for your team, you can cancel at any time without penalty. Yes. Log in using your administrator account to cancel at any time.

Yes all prices quoted are in US dollars. If you’re using another currency, we recommend using PayPal as it will accommodate currency conversions for you.

Of course. There is no restriction on the number of administrators on an account.

All Plans Include:

Interchangeable users within plan maximum
Task and milestone assignment and tracking
File, asset & document storage
Ticket tracking for issues & outcomes
Collaborative library of user messages and notes
Invoice & billing tracking ability

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